In the advertising world

Remember how two decades ago we eagerly hovered around the TV to watch our favourite ads? The dancing woman on the field, a slice of life with spirited India, the smart idea when fishing, family jingles in the bathroom and many more like these are permanently etched in our minds with their signature tunes and innovations.

Now, tunes and innovations communicate across diverse mediums to convey the brand message to the target audience. And one needs to break no bone to do so. Inspiration is just a click, swipe or search away. This has made ideation accessible to all. And although there are no apparent hiccups, this brief conveyance has made the task of advertising agencies quite large, albeit quietly.
How so you wonder?

Today with time, the audience is also changing.
Attention spans are getting shorter by the day. A recent study in Consumer Insight by Microsoft revealed, “the human attention span shortened from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 secs in 2013.” This means that those wonderful concepts that flow over minutes are now merely recreation. The real deal is sealed in seconds!
And it’s ‘yay or nay’ in a fraction of a second.

The changing times haven’t made it easier for ad agencies in the digital space either. Digital advertising is surely working wonders; enabling us to keep a tab on the eyeballs their ads receive. But today, digital ads fight newer battles with ‘Ad Blockers’. The numbers of ad blockers have risen higher than the quantum of digital ads. Now digital experts extend the lifecycle of ads.

At the current speed of trends, growing digital applications and diminishing attention spans, the only mantra that will work for advertising is to embrace change, grow better and perhaps,
a lot quicker and shorter in times to come.